Apr 02
In Franklin, Tennessee, holistic dentistry is revolutionizing oral health care, offering a comprehensive approach to dentistry that considers the interconnectedness of the body. One groundbreaking aspect is the adoption of…
May 22
Adjusting to tooth loss can be difficult as it can impact what you eat, how you look, and how you live. This is where dental implants come in. Replacing teeth…
Mar 29
Many people in Franklin, Tennessee, have become interested in learning more about the benefits of holistic dentistry and tooth replacement. What Is Holistic Dentistry? Holistic dentists pay attention to how…
Nov 29
At Nashville Restorative Dentistry in Franklin, Tennessee, Drs. Ryan Jones and Caleb Estes offer dental implants to patients seeking the best in tooth replacement options. Dr. Jones is one of…

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Story From Michelle W.

Michelle W.

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Issue: Spacing between the front teeth and an uneven tilt to the smile.

Solution: Short term orthodontics to evenly spread out the space between the teeth followed by veneers across the eight front teeth to create a level smile with color consistency and no spaces.

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