Getting Dental Veneers At Our Franklin, TN Office: Rejuvenate Your Smile

before dental veneersAre your teeth chipped, crooked or discolored?

Do small gaps between your front teeth detract from your appearance? Are your teeth poorly shaped or slightly out of alignment? Would you like a more youthful appearance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider bonding or dental veneers.

We also offer dental implants. Not sure which ones you need? Contact us today!

Dental veneers improve your look in a variety of ways…

after dental veneersThrough the manipulation of tooth width and size, we can customize a re-design of your smile. If, for example, a patient has a round face, the creation of long, straighter teeth will ultimately have a slimming affect on the patient’s face. Facial wrinkles can be minimized by building-out the tooth veneer and, as a result, pushing out the facial area above the veneer, smoothing upper lip wrinkles while causing lips to appear fuller. Longer teeth are also synonymous with youth (older teeth are shorter because of years of wear and tear). For a more youthful appearance, teeth are lengthened with veneers; the mouth appears fuller with longer teeth, which can also push out the lower lip, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The dark, negative spaces seen in the back corners of the mouth of an older adult tend to call attention to aging.

To correct this, our staff widens the width of the back teeth with veneers. This broadens the smile and gives it a “whiter” look by eliminating the dark corners. Most of us know that teeth stain with age, and a dingy smile can add years to a person’s appearance. By placing a natural looking, whiter veneer over discolored teeth, a brighter, more youthful smile can be created.

These cosmetic dental procedures have beneficial effects beyond the mouth. Our patients report increased confidence, greater interest in fitness and health, and a stronger desire to continue improving their lives. And, they find that it’s never too late to enhance their natural beauty!

If you think your teeth issues are more serious, we do offer “sleep” dentistry options. Never be afraid to come to the dentist again!

What’s all the fuss about ‘prepless veneers’?

If you’re unhappy with the color or shape of your teeth, we offer an option called “prepless veneers,” where your teeth can be reshaped with a thin, cap-like covering that requires no anesthetic or drilling of the original tooth!

another picture after dental veneersanother picture before dental veneersThe latest-generation dental veneers, which are known by the brand name Durathin veneers, are about as thin as two pieces of paper, so they fit over an existing tooth. The process is painless and costs the about same as traditional veneers. The current trend in modern dentistry is to preserve as much of the tooth as possible, while creating a straight smile. Because they are glued to the untouched enamel, prepless veneers often have a stronger bond than do traditional veneers. In fact, these new veneers are actually stronger than the original tooth, yet they look much more natural.

third example before veneersthird example of dental veneers People get veneers to mask discolorations, fill gaps and reshape teeth. The popularity of prepless veneers has soared, because they’re affordable, require no drilling, and thus are relatively quick to apply. In addition, the procedure is reversible. While prepless veneers are not for everyone, they’re a great option for many, and just one example of the many new technologies available to you through our office. Let’s make your smile the best it can be!

Ready for a set of dental veneers? Set up an appointment at our Franklin, TN office today for more information!