Gum Contouring in Nashville, TN

Gum contouring correctly positions your gums to best frame for your smile.

  • Crown lengthening moves the gum line when it covers too much of a tooth (seen in the image to the right)
  • Gingivectomy gum contouring creates alterations in gum levels to achieve more symmetry in your smile
  • Pinhole rejuvenation gum grafting restores areas of gum recession (click here for more info)
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When people think of what they would like to improve with their smile, they often don’t even consider their gum line. However, your gums play a huge role in determining the shape of your teeth and smile. For instance, if your gum line covers too much of your teeth, they can appear short and stubby or out of proportion with neighboring teeth. That’s where gum contouring is useful.

  • Gingivectomy – A soft tissue laser is used to efficiently remove excess gum tissue to show more tooth structure and increase symmetry between neighboring teeth. No incisions or sutures required and healing is quick and predictable.
  • Crown Lengthening – Performed when bone and gum levels need to be altered to achieve a long lasting result.  Depending on severity of need and how many teeth are involved, incisions and sutures may be required.

We have several gum contouring treatment options and modern technology available to sculpt your gum line and show off more of your bright, beautiful teeth. The best part is, most procedures can usually be done in a single short visit with a bit of local anesthetic. Even though the procedure is quick, the results can be dramatic!

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Story From Michelle W.

Michelle W.

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Issue: Spacing between the front teeth and an uneven tilt to the smile.

Solution: Short term orthodontics to evenly spread out the space between the teeth followed by veneers across the eight front teeth to create a level smile with color consistency and no spaces.

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