Holistic Dentistry

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Mouth concerns rob you of your confidence and interfere with your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Nashville Restorative Dentistry is passionate about providing excellent, forward-thinking care that exceeds patients’ expectations for the dental experience and helps them rediscover the confidence they deserve. By listening to our patients and addressing how mouth health affects whole-body wellness, we treat the underlying causes of problems, not just symptoms, to restore health. Nashville Restorative Dentistry provides the ultimate standard of trusted holistic dental care so patients can stop feeling self-conscious about their mouth and experience life the way they desire.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic and biological dentistry take into consideration the cause-and-effect relationship between a patient’s oral health and the health of the rest of the patient’s body. For example, the well-documented link between periodontal disease and a host of systemic ailments like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, and stroke.  Much attention is also given to selecting biocompatible materials to be used in any restorative work needed as well as safely removing concerning materials like mercury containing amalgam metal fillings. The guiding philosophy is that the health of the mouth and the body are inseparable.

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Holistic Dentistry Services

While traditional dentistry often limits its focus only to problems in the mouth, holistic and biological dentistry look at the patient as a whole system. It correlates a healthy mouth with a healthy body.  Nashville Restorative Dentistry believes that the general health of the mouth is not separate from the general health of the person. The principles of holistic dentistry are applied to every phase of your treatment plan. In addition to the underlying philosophy of our approach to dentistry, specific holistic services include:

Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal-Free Dentistry is focused on using biocompatible materials to restore teeth. We exclusively use metal and BPA-free, bonded composite resins (“white fillings”) and metal-free all ceramic crowns, bridges, and veneers.  We also have the ability to replace missing teeth with zirconia implants and a completely metal free implant crown that attaches to the implant.

Gum Disease

Why is treating gum disease so important? Learn more here.


What is ozone? How can we use Ozone to promote dental health? Learn more here.

Mercury Safe Dentistry

Mercury Safe Dentistry is the use of specifically developed protocols to minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal and replacement of mercury containing amalgam restorations (silver colored metal fillings).

Inflammation detection and Ozone Treatment

We screen all patients for bacterial induced inflammation from gum disease and infected teeth and root canals during each new patient exam.  3D CT scans are used to evaluate the health of the jaw bone and individual teeth.  Ozone therapy is used in several ways during treatment ranging from placing fillings, to treating gum disease, to extracting infected root canals.

Based in Franklin, Tennessee, Nashville Restorative Dentistry helps patients rediscover their confidence and promotes whole-body wellness through excellence in restorative, holistic, and cosmetic dental care.