Invisalign and SureSmile Clear Aligners
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Young or old, it’s never too late to straighten your teeth and create your perfect smile. Modern clear aligner systems use:
  • Clear and removable aligners
  • No metal wires or brackets
  • Digital scans of your teeth – no gag-inducing impressions

Why should you straighten your teeth?

Life is too short to not love your smile! Some people go their whole lives afraid to smile or avoid laughing because they don’t like how their teeth look. Some feel that crooked teeth or gaps can be embarrassing. In addition to cosmetic concerns, crowded teeth can put your overall health at risk. Crowded teeth can increase your chances of developing cavities and gum disease because of the increased difficulty in keeping plaque and tartar controlled.

The good news is that you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of! We offer Invisalign and Suresmile clear aligner systems at Nashville Restorative Dentistry.  Both teeth straightening systems are uniquely tailored to those wanting to transform their smiles and align their teeth without the visual appearance or discomfort that can come with traditional braces.

How Do Invisalign Clear Aligners Work
Teeth can be straightened without unsightly and uncomfortable wire and bracket braces, e.g., with Invisalign clear aligners. Listen to Dr. Ryan Jones explain how they perform these procedures at Nashville Restorative Dentistry in Franklin, TN.

If you’re wanting to change the look of your smile by moving teeth, you may have heard about Invisalign or clear aligners that allow you to do that without wearing braces. This is an awesome way to gently and slowly create the new smile you want to see without having to wear brackets and wires, like you may be thinking about when you envision what someone wearing braces looks like.
Clear aligners are a thin plastic tray that is going to go over your existing teeth that you’re going to change every seven to 14 days. Each tray is going to move a tooth about a quarter millimeter at a time. So, when we start a case, we’re taking a digital scan of the teeth, we’re using a computer to map out the change in position that we want to create, and then that series of clear aligners are going to be made start to finish they’re going to gently move the teeth into the new position that we’re trying to create.

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The Invisalign and SureSmile options

We offer both Invisalign and Suresmile clear aligner orthodontic systems to ensure you have the best options for creating the healthy, attractive smile you deserve. We understand the cosmetic and health benefits of straight teeth and will help you create a smile you can’t wait to show off!

Learn more about these two incredible systems:

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  • Invisalign is perfectly tailored to adults who want to straighten their teeth without the bulk or appearance of braces. Invisalign treatment starts with a quick scan of your teeth using a state-of-the-art digital scanner, which replaces the old, messy mouth full of impression material. Next, we’ll create a customized treatment plan using the ClinCheck software. With this amazing technology, you can preview what your new smile will look like before you start! Once the initial scan is complete, we’ll send the digital records to Invisalign to create your customized aligners made from their patented SmartTrack material.
  • You’ll wear the Invisalign aligners over your teeth to gently move them into the desired position. Depending on the complexity of treatment, timelines for most cases can range from several months to several years. Most cases last between 6 to 18 months. The trays are worn in progression, changing them every 7-14 days to keep your teeth moving in the right direction. You’ll need to wear your aligners 20-22 hours daily to ensure predictable movement, ideally only removing them when eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Invisalign is the number one dentist-recommended clear aligner treatment in the world. For over 25 years, this revolutionary orthodontic treatment has transformed over 17 million smiles globally. You can join the Invisalign revolution today by scheduling an appointment with our office.

We are also excited to offer Dentsply’s SureSmile system to our patients. Like Invisalign, SureSmile aligners are created from sophisticated 3D technology that predicts how your teeth move in every treatment stage. SureSmile allows us to be in control of your results by using customized aligners. When you choose SureSmile, you can be confident you’ll achieve your desired goals in the time you expect.

The SureSmile Advantage

It’s obvious many patients, especially teens and adults, don’t want to straighten their teeth with visible, bulky, and uncomfortable metal braces. The SureSmile aligner system offers an excellent alternative that overcomes the cons of traditional braces.

SureSmile aligners provide the following unique benefits:

  • The SureSmile VPro: This is an at-home device used for several minutes a day while you wear your aligners. It generates gentle vibrations that enable optimal fit of your trays, speed up the movement of your teeth, and reduce discomfort during treatment.
  • Predictable results: SureSmile reports fewer treatment revisions and less attachment usage than other clear aligner systems, allowing you to finish your treatment faster and more predictably.
  • Whiten while on your way to lasting results: You’ll receive a complimentary SureSmile Whitening Kit when you are about to complete your treatment. Once you complete your treatment, we’ll give you SureSmile Retainers to maintain your teeth in their new positions. SureSmile delivers more than a perfectly aligned smile!

For many patients, SureSmile aligners can offer a significantly better experience than conventional orthodontics. You don’t have to settle for an imperfect smile or an uncomfortable bite. SureSmile can help you create your best smile — with comfort, convenience, and subtlety.

Ready to love your smile?

You don’t have to let anything hold you back from the healthy and confident smile you deserve. Drs. Ryan Jones and Caleb Estes believe everyone deserves a perfect smile, regardless of age. Nashville Restorative Dentistry offers several discreet and comfortable options, including Invisalign and SureSmile clear aligners, to ensure you have choices when you want to straighten your teeth and create your best smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Aligners

Are you looking for a way to straighten your smile without metal braces? Invisalign Clear aligner therapy in Franklin, Tennessee, presents a comfortable and barely visible tooth straightening solution! This revolutionary system uses a series of clear, removable, and digitally designed custom-fitted aligners to straighten your smile. No metal wires, dental pain, or frequent dental visits! Clear teeth aligners gradually move misaligned teeth into place without the hassle and discomfort of metal braces.

What dental issues can clear aligners treat?

If you are looking for “clear aligners near me” or “Invisalign near me,” Nashville Restorative Dentistry is an excellent place to start. Drs. Ryan Jones and Caleb Estes have the experience and expertise to help you perfect your smile with cutting-edge orthodontic treatment. 
Instead of metal braces, our team uses clear aligners to address the following orthodontic issues:

– Gapped teeth
– Misaligned or crooked teeth
– Crowded teeth
– Functional Bite issues creating worn or chipped teeth
– Muscle and TMJ pain

Are you thinking you are too old to straighten your teeth? With clear aligner therapy, it’s never too late to correct your orthodontic issues. Because of the discreet nature of this treatment, teenagers and adults can straighten their teeth without feeling insecure.

What can I expect from clear aligner treatment?

The first step is to set up a consultation with your dentist. The doctor evaluates your teeth and bite to determine if clear aligners like Invisalign would be a good treatment option for what you need or are wanting to change.  Although invisible braces can correct multiple issues, some cases are better treated with other traditional orthodontics like brackets and wires.

If your dentist determines you are suitable for clear aligners, the steps of your treatment typically include:

– Taking a digital scan of your teeth (no more gooey mouth full impressions!)
– Digitally customizing  your predictive tooth movement plan
– Fabrication of your custom-fitted aligner trays
– Wearing your aligners 20-22 hours daily
– Changing your current set of aligners every 7-14 days depending on complexity of movements planned
– Scanning for retainers once your perfect smile has been created

Clear aligners apply gentle and controlled pressure to your teeth You may start seeing and feeling results within weeks. You’ll need to visit your dentist every six to eight weeks to monitor your treatment progress as you proceed through your series of aligners.

Why should I consider clear aligners?

Wondering whether Invisalign clear braces are worth the investment? Absolutely! Clear aligner treatment is a lifelong investment in your smile, oral health, and confidence. This “braceless” orthodontic system offers numerous benefits. 

Some include:

– Faster treatment
– Fewer dental appointments
– Predictable results
– No food restrictions like with bracket and wire braces
– Brush and floss like normal without teeth connected by wires
– Comfortable experience
– Discreet treatment
– Personalized experience

How should I maintain my aligners?

Clear aligners must be cared for to prevent them from staining and  getting smelly. Clean your aligners at least twice daily, especially after meals. Gently brush your aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste or mild soap. Rinse your aligners in lukewarm water and clean your teeth before wearing them. Lastly, make sure to store them in a secure case when not in use – you’d be amazed how many inadvertently get thrown away in a napkin or paper towel after meal time!

What happens after I complete my treatment?

Congratulations on a job well done for achieving the smile you deserve with clear aligners. We are sure you’d like to maintain your results. Right? After any orthodontic treatment, you must wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their old positions. Good news! You only need to wear your retainer full-time for the first three to four months and then proceed with nightly wear afterward.

Can I get clear aligners without seeing a dentist?

Clear aligner orthodontics needs to be a dentist-led treatment to ensure safe and desired outcomes. DIY options potentially lead to unintended outcomes like bite problems or unexpected movements of teeth that are undesired.  These and other challenges have led to the closure of large DIY providers like Smile Direct Club.  If you are interested in Invisalign and Suresmile clear aligners in the greater Nashville area, call (615) 640-8494 to schedule an appointment with Nashville Restorative Dentistry.

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