Filling and Crown Post-Operative Instructions

  • The material placed in/on your tooth is completely set up right now. You don’t need to wait any specific amount of time to chew on this area. If you decide to eat or drink before the anesthetic wears off and normal feeling returns to the area/s worked on, please exercise caution. Avoid hot liquids and be very careful not to chew on your cheek or lips while eating, which is easy to do while still feeling numb.
  • If you are a parent receiving this following a child’s appointment, please watch them very closely as kids are prone to biting/chewing on their lips and tongue while they are experiencing the odd feeling of being numb.
  • Your tooth will likely be sore and temperature sensitive for a few days following the procedure. Your gums may also be very tender for several days. You may want to consider swishing with some warm salt-water to cleanse the area (1/2 tsp. salt for every 4 oz. of water) several times per day for the next 2-3 days.
  • It is quite normal for the gums and muscles around the area where you received an anesthetic injection to be sore. This should resolve within 72 hours.
  • If you feel the need to take something to lessen any discomfort, combining 1,000mg Tylenol (acetaminophen) with 600mg Advil (ibuprofen) is a very effective medication combination.


Your Bite

  • We check your bite very closely at the end of your appointment, however when you are numb, sometimes the bite is not as accurate. If your bite feels high, tall, or like the filling or crown is hitting before the other teeth, please call us. You may need to come in and have us adjust a high spot on the filling or crown. If at all possible do not delay this, as it can cause the tooth to be sensitive or sore while eating.

Temporary Crowns

  • If you were here today for a new crown, your tooth now has a temporary crown on it. This will protect the tooth while the permanent is being made. It is put on with an intentionally weak adhesive so that it can be removed easily when it is time to put on the final crown. Your temporary crown does not reflect the color, shape, or fit of the permanent crown.
  • Avoid chewing sticky and hard/crunchy foods on your temporary crown. Sticky foods may pull off the temporary, while hard or crunchy foods may break the temporary. If your temporary comes off, put some Vaseline or toothpaste inside of it and attempt to put it back onto your tooth. Give us a call and we will see you ASAP to recement it. It is important to keep the temporary on your tooth to hold the tooth in place; otherwise, it may shift and cause your final crown to not fit correctly.
  • When flossing the tooth with the temporary crown, floss down the tooth as normal, but instead of pulling your floss UP, pull your floss OUT to the side of the tooth. This should prevent possibly dislodging the crown. Use of a Waterpik on a gentle setting is also a wonderful option around temporary crowns.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.