Financial Arrangements

Everyone places a different value on dental health. We see it as an investment in a truly healthy life. We strive to deliver superior dental care and arrange customized, individual treatment plans for each patient.  We will work with your needs and desires to make treatment as flexible and affordable as possible. We want to give you the care and smile you deserve while finding an approach to your investment that works best for you.

General Payment Options

Nashville Restorative Dentistry accepts cash, personal checks, as well as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

We also offer 0% financing through Care Credit for those wanting to spread out their dental investment over time.

Dental Insurance

We place an emphasis on the best – technology, facilities, materials, and partner dental labs. Dental insurance is designed to pay for a portion of services, and often won’t fully cover optimal dental care. We are committed to your individual needs and goals and what will be the best solution for you. The role of insurance in your care should be considered supplemental.

We will accept copays and file insurance with any dental insurance plan, but we are not an in network provider for any dental insurance plans. We will estimate your out of pocket cost, file your insurance claims for you, and assist you in receiving the maximum benefits due to you. We will be happy to provide you with a treatment plan that you fully understand and prioritize treatment in order of necessity to help you maximize your insurance benefits.


With CareCredit, nothing is holding you back.

Maybe you’d like a brighter smile. Maybe you’d like to replace older, troublesome dental work, or finally fix that chipped tooth. Maybe you just want to freshen your look. But if your insurance doesn’t cover all the costs for the procedure you want and need, where do you turn? Our office offers CareCredit from GE, which gives you convenient payment options so you can quickly get the procedure you want. CareCredit gives you the freedom to get your procedure whenever you’re ready. It’s easy to apply. With three simple steps, including an instant approval process, you can say goodbye to the wait and make a smart investment — in yourself! So now, nothing’s holding you back. Apply for your instant CareCredit approval today!