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Preventive care with regular dental exams and professional cleanings for a healthy and beautiful smile

Maintaining or restoring healthy smiles starts with preventive dental care and cleanings. Nashville Restorative Dentistry is privileged to serve individuals and families throughout Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, and middle Tennessee with proactive, holistic dental services.

Preventive care at our office includes:

Preventive Care & Cleanings
Welcome to Guided Biofilm Therapy. Probably the best dental hygiene experience you will ever have. A prevention focused and painless treatment – Guided Biofilm Therapy follows a 8 step protocol taking you on a journey to optimum oral health, improved general health and a lasting beautiful smile.

Welcome to Guided Biofilm Therapy

Probably the best dental hygiene experience you will ever have. A prevention focused and painless treatment – Guided Biofilm Therapy follows a 8 step protocol taking you on a journey to optimum oral health, improved general health and a lasting beautiful smile.

Step 1 – a full oral health assessment will take place to screen for signs of gum disease and lifestyle factors that may increase your risk of dental disease. Unhealthy gums can compromise the lifespan of the teeth and contribute to more serious general health conditions. Early detection is crucial in eliminating and preventing disease.

Step 2 – An organic dye is applied to the teeth to make the biofilm (commonly referred to as plaque). Visible and highlight the areas which need the most attention.

Step 3 – Now that we can see the biofilm, you will be shown ways to keep your mouth clean and good daily home care will reduce your risk of developing dental disease.

Step 4 – AIRFLOW® MAX technology combined with Erythritol powder removes biofilm and stain from the teeth, the tongue and all the surrounding soft tissues using a gentle jet of air and warm water.

Step 5: if required the PERIOFLOW® will be used to carefully disrupt any biofilm from the gum pockets.

Step 6: PIEZON® PS is used to remove the remaining hard deposits. Targeted, painless and gentle removal of calculus.

Step 7: A thorough final check is done to ensure all the biofilm and deposits have been removed and that the teeth and soft tissues are healthy and problem free.

Step 8: A recommended recall interval that’s right for your health needs will be discussed at the end of your appointment and scheduled into the diary.

Guided Biofilm Therapy – the modern patient friendly approach to lifelong oral health.

Professional cleanings

Preventative visits are generally scheduled once every six months or two times per year. These visits include exams and cleanings. Our dentists examine your teeth, gums, and mouth for signs of problems. These problems range from gum inflammation to dental erosion. Our dentists use their keen knowledge and eye to pinpoint these early signs of periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. These are the leading causes of tooth loss.

For problems that cannot be detected upon visual inspection alone, we use advanced imaging or x-rays to pinpoint issues. Additionally, we assess other oral structures, such as the jaw joints on either side of the face, to ensure they are functioning healthily.

We also check for any discoloration, swelling, and other abnormalities that may indicate precancerous or cancerous lesions. Like other oral conditions, oral cancers often produce subtle symptoms – or no symptoms at all – in their earliest stages. So, it is vital for us to routinely evaluate for these conditions when they are easiest to be successfully treated. With oral and pharyngeal cancers, this means identifying and treating the tumor before it has spread or metastasized.

How teeth should be cleaned at the Dentist / Hygienist
Professional teeth cleaning with GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY makes you feel good. A cleaning session is like a wellness spa experience. The treatment is painless and does not damage the teeth. GBT is today’s game changer and has nothing in common with the old dental hygiene methods from the 60's still being used today. With the EMS AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® PS No Pain devices, all you need is water, air and AIRFLOW® PLUS powder to fight bad biofilm with a winning smile.

We can advise on the best ways to clean teeth and gums effectively. Our dental team also recommends oral care products best suited to their needs. However, even consistent good oral hygiene at home must be complemented with professional cleanings at our office. Our dental hygienists have the training and specialized dental instruments to gently remove stubborn plaque build-up. Bacterial plaque is constantly forming on the teeth. Once it hardens into tartar, plaque cannot be removed with standard toothbrushes. This process requires professional care.

We may also recommend deep cleanings for patients with signs of gum disease. During regular visits or check-ups, we measure the depth of the spaces between the teeth and gums. As gum disease arises, the gums pull away from the teeth. So, the size of the periodontal pockets can tell us a lot about the nature and extent of gum disease. Alternatives to the standard cleaning allow us to promote healthy reattachment of the gums to resolve existing inflammation.

Regular cleanings also promote fresh breath and an attractive smile! Along with removing bacteria, plaque, and tartar, our cleanings lift surface stains. Routine visits are a great way to keep your teeth a dazzling, healthy white.

Experience the newest technology in prophylaxis today

Our team is pleased to integrate the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master device into our facility, which is a professional system used for extensive dental cleanings. Using this device, a patient’s teeth can be cleaned with an advanced biofilm management method, removing the thin film called plaque that contributes to the development of periodontal disease and tooth decay. This professional teeth cleaning product provides deeper, more effective cleanings of the teeth and gums during routine dental evaluations.

When combined with state-of-the-art PERIOFLOW and PIEZON technologies, the AIRFLOW represents the Guided Biofilm Therapy technique. GBT involves highly personalized treatment based on each patient’s diagnosis and risk assessment. This approach supports the most minimally invasive treatment, the greatest comfort, and optimal safety, efficiency, and results.

Following systematic screening and patient education, AIRFLOW is applied to remove biofilm, stains and early plaque build-up (tartar or calculus). PERIOFLOW and PIEZON are used for patients with deep periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums. These pockets are indicative of more advanced gum disease. A final check is performed to ensure all biofilm and calculus has been removed, with follow-up/recall appointments based on patients’ unique risk factors as determined by the GBT assessment protocols.

Additionally, our team also uses ozonated water during hygiene appointments, which provides an extra benefit for patients. Ozonated water works as a safe and powerful sanitizer using natural oxygen. Our device converts traditional tap water into ozonated water for use during dental visits.

Other dental offices may use filtered water. These systems cannot guarantee the eradication of nano-sized bacteria. Additionally, other systems can degrade over time or are not effective at halting the development of bacterial colonies. We use the most powerful Central Disinfection Unit of its kind, developed by Biosure Dental. This unit uses a large volume of ozonated water. As water is dissolved into ozone and hydroxyl molecules, these active ingredients kill bacteria and viruses rapidly, immediately, and continuously. Furthermore, our system presents an effective, stable, and long-term solution for disinfection that is both chemical- and residue-free.

Discover the power of these clean, cutting-edge, and safe systems for yourself. Schedule your appointment today. Call Nashville Restorative Dentistry at (615) 640-8494 .

GBT Certified Practice!

GBT Certification

Dr. Jones was awarded a certificate for his work as a qualified provider of the GBT hygiene program, establishing Nashville Restorative Dentistry as a GBT center of excellence in preventative, professional oral care. Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a new Swiss breakthrough that has enabled dental hygienists to revolutionize the patient experience by substituting traditional methods for an innovative approach that provides pain-free and anxiety-free oral care for people of all ages.

Guided Biofilm Therapy - 8 Steps

Experience excellence in dental care today.

Stop worrying about your mouth, and don’t let unpleasant dental experiences from the past prevent you from living the life you want.

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