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Anxiety about dental procedures is common, but we believe you shouldn’t have to suffer or avoid the care you need because of it. Our safe and proven sedation dentistry options allow you to maintain your oral health in a way that works for you.

Our team takes the time to listen carefully to your concerns and identify your oral health needs. We’ll work with you every step of the way to determine what type of sedation dentistry will be the best fit for you.

Learn more about the sedation dentistry services Dr. Jones and Dr. Estes offer patients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Cool Springs. 

Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”)

The most commonly used method for calming patients in the dental office, nitrous oxide “laughing gas” is combined with oxygen and breathed in through the nose while your dental work is being completed. Patients often describe a warm, tingling or euphoric sensation when at an ideal level of nitrous oxide sedation. You remain awake while breathing laughing gas and, after breathing 100% oxygen for several minutes following treatment, you are safe to drive, get back to work and otherwise get on with your day.

How Sedation Dentistry Helps Those Afraid of Dental Work Explainer video
Wondering about sedation for your next dental procedure? Dr. Ryan Jones of Nashville Restorative Dentistry answers common questions about this essential dentistry tool. Dental sedation allows people to get past their anxiety had receive the critical dental care they need. Nashville Restorative Dentistry has multiple methods of safely sedating patients and serves the entire Nashville, TN metro area and beyond, including Brentwood, Franklin, and Cool Springs.

If you are nervous or afraid or anxious at the thought of coming to the dentist or having work done or you avoided coming to the dentist because of anxiety, Sedation Dentistry can truly be transformative in your quality of life, in your health, your smile, it just opens the door for you to have everything you need and everything you’ve been avoiding.
There are four main areas of sedation that we can consider when we think about dental work. The easiest is laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is something that you breathe while you’re having work done and it relaxes you, it may make you feel tired or groggy, warm and tingly, people respond differently to it. But, it can be something that relaxes you enough that a minor procedure might not be that bothersome to you. Once we leave that level we actually enter into true sedation options. The first sedation option is Oral Conscious Sedation. It is typically some medicine you will take at home, a pill, the night before your appointment and the morning of your appointment, typically an hour before you get to the dental office. We will then give you more in the procedure as we need to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Some important things to note here is you are not unconscious, you are not being put to sleep. That’s why it’s called oral conscious sedation. But the medicines have an awesome amnesiac effect when they work together. So you don’t remember much of your time in the dental office. So we’re able to oftentimes work on a patient all day long and get everything done they need and they just have a blurred memory of being in the office for a short amount of time. The important thing to also note there is that if something is uncomfortable or you need to use the restroom, things like that, you can communicate. So you’re not incapacitated in any way. You may be groggy, you may go to sleep, but we’re not actually putting you to sleep. When we go to a more deeper level of sedation, that’s where we’re looking at either an IV sedation or a general sedation appointment. If you require no memory being the office at all or even thought of using oral conscious sedation is not something that is comfortable to you we can bring a dental anesthesiologist into the office, they will intubate you, you will be under general anesthesia just like you would be if you were at the hospital having a major operation. So from just a little bit of help to a complete general anesthesia, we’ve got an option available that is safely going to make you comfortable enough to receive the dental care that you need.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you want deeper sedation than laughing gas can offer, oral conscious sedation may be perfect for you. This approach uses a combination of medications to keep you relaxed during your entire visit. A sedative taken the night before your appointment helps you get a good night’s rest and another is taken an hour before your appointment and given in the office as needed to keep you relaxed. Other than keeping you comfortable, a major benefit is having little, if any, memory of your time in the dental chair. As the name suggests, you remain conscious during this type of sedation. Although you may sleep, you are breathing on your own and all your protective reflexes are intact. You will be able to communicate with us if anything is uncomfortable or needed (like a restroom break). A driver is required to bring you to and take you home from your conscious sedation appointment.

Another frequent use of conscious sedation is for patients looking to accomplish a large amount of treatment at one time.  Even if you aren’t anxious about treatment, conscious sedation can allow you to comfortably accomplish a full day of dental work that would otherwise have to be broken up into multiple potentially inconvenient appointments.

General Anesthesia

Some patients need a deeper level of sedation than other options can give. When this is the case, we have a trusted dental anesthesiologist specialist that comes into our office to administer general anesthesia and monitor the patient throughout the appointment. This is a particularly optimal approach for very young children, those with handicaps, and patients with high levels of anxiety as it allows us to provide treatment in our office and avoid a hospital visit for dentistry performed under anesthesia. A driver is required to bring you to and take you home from your general anesthesia appointment.

Learn more about our skilled and compassionate general anesthesia provider: Nashville Office-Based Anesthesia.

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You shouldn’t have to suffer from poor oral health or let unpleasant past dental experiences prevent you from living the life you want. Dr. Jones and Dr. Estes are proud to serve patients with sedation dentistry services in Greater Nashville including Brentwood, Franklin, and Cool Springs.

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