Smile Analysis

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your smile. They will help you determine what you’d like to change about the image you project to others

Subjective Questions

The questions below are designed to help you understand how your smile affects your self image, how it impacts interactions with others, and how it influences the quality of those relationships.

  1. Do you like the appearance of your teeth and smile?
  2. Do you ever turn your face away or hold your hand up in front of your mouth when talking to others?
  3. Do you shy away from showing a full smile in front of other people, especially strangers?
  4. When you’re having your picture taken, do you tend to smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a happy smile?
  5. How would a beautiful new smile make you feel?

Objective Questions

This is a more “technical” way of analyzing your smile. Stand in front of a mirror mounted on a wall. Smile at yourself using your “normal” smile. Next, look at the mirror and think of a hilarious moment in your life and give a big, laughing smile. This big smile is probably a much larger smile than you feel comfortable using much of the time if you are not happy with your teeth. When your smile is improved, however, your big smile will appear much more spontaneously because you look (and feel) great! So let’s figure out what’s holding your big smile back — what it is that bothers you about your teeth?

  1. Are all of your teeth brilliant white or are they somewhat yellow, dark, or stained?
  2. Do you have teeth that are missing, crooked, uneven, or out of line?
  3. Do you grind your teeth or are any of the biting edges on your teeth chipped or worn down?
  4. Have your gums receded or do they appear red or puffy?
  5. Do you have any gray, black or silver (mercury) dental fillings in your teeth?