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Dramatically improve the look of your smile with this conservative and transformational approach.

  • Prepless Micro-thin veneers are the ultimate in conservative treatment and can be placed with no drilling of enamel.
  • Veneers bond over your existing teeth to correct slight imperfections or make significant alterations in appearance.
  • Veneers can be a quicker option to achieve the smile of your dreams than other treatments like braces or whitening.
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What Are Dental Veneers explainer video

If you’re looking to transform your smile, dental veneers may be a great option to consider. They can be used to fill in gaps, lengthen teeth, repair chips or broken areas, hide rotations, and change color; there’s a lot they can do. They themselves are a really thin layer of ceramic or porcelain that we bond onto the front of your teeth. There’s actually a couple different ways veneers can be used sometimes. We can even place veneers on your teeth without having to cut or grind the enamel on the teeth themselves underneath the veneers, which is an awesome option where you can transform what you see without ever actually having to destroy what’s underneath them. The veneer process is totally unique to each individual patient. It really depends on what you need, what you want to change, and the health of the teeth that we’re considering working on. The first step is always going to be creating a mock-up or a blueprint of what the end product is going to look like so we can take a photo and digitally change what you see or we can take a 3D scan of your teeth and create that mock-up and actually use some temporary material to place it in your mouth and let you see what your teeth could look like. We don’t want to start the process without you knowing that you’re going to be able to create the end result that you have in mind.

If you’re unhappy with misaligned teeth, unsightly gaps, annoying chips, or the shape and length of your teeth, then veneers could be the perfect choice for you.

Because they are bonded to the front of your teeth, this is often one of the least invasive and most painless procedures available for improving your smile.

Nashville Restorative Dentistry is a trained and certified provider of DURAthin and Micro-thin veneers. These provide the ultimate option in veneer artistry while sparing the destruction to your teeth and enamel that traditional veneers require. You don’t have to permanently damage your teeth to create the smile of your dreams!

Let us show you what’s possible. Drs. Jones and Estes offer veneers for patients in Nashville, Cool Springs, Brentwood, and Franklin. With some simple photographs and a digital scan of your teeth, we can develop a mock-up to show you what your smile could become!

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What are veneers?

Dental veneers are thin resin or porcelain coverings made to visually correct imperfections of the anterior teeth, the teeth at the front of the smile which are most visible when we laugh, talk, and smile.

What types of dental veneers are available?

Drs. Ryan M. Jones and Caleb Estes of Franklin, Tennessee, offer two types of veneers: composite resin and porcelain. Composite veneers are less expensive, do not last as long and are more susceptible to chipping and staining. In contrast, porcelain veneers are made of a ceramic material that is color stable, stronger, and often more capable of mimicking the complex blends of colors and translucency in natural teeth. Regardless of material, sometimes veneers (“prepless veneers”) can be applied to teeth without any drilling away of or loss of tooth structure / enamel. This is dependent on the position, size, and angulation of the natural teeth. In scenarios where the desired look cannot be created solely by adding resin or porcelain over the undamaged natural teeth, a conservative removal of tooth structure may be necessary prior to placing veneers.

Are dental veneers part of a smile makeover?

If you are planning a smile makeover with our team at Nashville Restorative Dentistry, we may incorporate dental veneers as a solution to imperfect teeth near the front of the mouth. They may be used as an alternative to composite resin bonding, porcelain dental crowns, or other solutions available for improving the appearance of the teeth. If teeth have significant damage, recession, or previous dental work, it may not be possible to solely place a veneer on the front of the tooth. In these instances a crown, or a full coverage restoration that wraps the entire tooth, may be more appropriate.

How long do veneers last?

In properly planned cases and when patients take good care of their smile with routine brushing, flossing, and dental visits, veneers can be expected to last many years. Some of our patients are able to maintain their new veneers for multiple decades when they are proactive in keeping their smile healthy and many choose to wear a nightguard to protect the veneers from any clenching or grinding they may do at night.

What is involved in veneer tooth preparation?

In some cases, veneers can be designed and cemented without removing any tooth structure! This approach is called a prepless veneer. While this is always our preference, if adding volume or length to the outside of the existing tooth shape would not look ideal, a conservative amount of tooth reduction may be necessary. If the removal of some enamel is necessary, a precise amount of tooth structure would be removed based on the 3D printed mockup of your newly designed smile – ensuring that no more tooth structure is altered than necessary and the newly placed veneers will be adequately thick for esthetics and strength.

Are my teeth susceptible to cavities?

Your teeth are no more susceptible to developing cavities if properly designed and fully sealed veneers are placed on them. It is true that porcelain and composite resin cannot develop a cavity like natural enamel. The tooth structure at the interface of those materials or the parts of the teeth not covered by a veneer can still stain or develop tooth decay. This is why it is so important to schedule regular cleanings and evaluations with your dentist to monitor for the development of cavities or other potential issues.

Where can I find cosmetic dentistry like dental veneers near me?

Whether you are curious about dental veneers or other cosmetic dentistry solutions for your smile, we can provide a solution that meets your needs and transforms your smile! We invite you to call our office to request an appointment with Drs. Jones and Estes of Nashville Restorative Dentistry or submit a virtual consult on our website to begin the discussion of what’s possible. Call (615) 640-8494 to schedule a visit with us at 5005 Meridian Boulevard, #190, in Franklin, TN, serving patients in and around the Nashville area.

What are the two different types of veneers available at Nashville Restorative Dentistry?

Our practice serves patients in Franklin, Tennessee, and may recommend one of two types of veneers. The first type of dental veneer is a porcelain veneer. This facing is made with customized porcelain fabricated to match the shape, the color, and the size of a patient’s tooth to ensure seamless integration once bonded in place. Alternatively, patients may also consider dental veneers made of composite resin, another material commonly used in restorative dentistry to repair teeth imperfections. Both provide effective coverage and lasting solutions.

Where can dental veneers be placed?

Dental veneers are most often used to alter the appearance of the most visible teeth in the smile. Dental veneers are frequently used on the upper and lower front teeth as well as the premolars which are the teeth in between the canine (eye tooth) and the molars. The anterior teeth, which are the teeth located at the front of the smile, are good candidates for veneers in most cases. The posterior teeth, the back ones that we do most of our chewing with, are not good candidates for veneers due to the bite forces they are subjected to during chewing and clenching.

What can I expect during the porcelain veneer process?

Planning is the first step to any veneer case. Through discussing your desired changes to your smile and studying photos of your teeth, we will develop a plan to create the smile you want. A digital mockup would then be created from a scan of your teeth that would allow us to show what your new smile could look like – either in pictures or with a temporary material in your mouth. After confirming the mockup is acceptable, you come in for an appointment to prepare the teeth (if any enamel removal is necessary) and/or place provisionals which are temporary veneers for you to wear while the dental lab creates the final porcelain veneers. The provisionals are shaped as the digital mockup was and allows you to confirm that the size, position, length, and shape are to your liking before the permanents are made. The last step would be an appointment to remove the provisionals and permanently cement the porcelain veneers.

What can I expect during the resin / composite bonding veneer process?

Planning is the first step to any veneer case. Through discussing your desired changes to your smile and studying photos of your teeth, we will develop a plan to create the smile you want. A digital mockup would then be created from a scan of your teeth that would allow us to show what your new smile could look like – either in pictures or with a temporary material in your mouth. After confirming the mockup is acceptable, you come in for an appointment to prepare the teeth (if any enamel removal is necessary) and apply the cosmetic resin to the teeth. The composite resin veneers are shaped from the digital mockup that was prepared and after a series of smoothing and polishing, you are ready to walk away from that one appointment with a brand new smile.

Who could benefit from prepless DURAthin veneers?

DURAthin Veneers are wonderful for patients who are looking to transform the appearance of their smile without removing any natural tooth enamel. They are in the category of prepless veneers. Other types of veneers may require irreversible removal of enamel so the new veneers don’t add too much additional bulk to the teeth.

Am I a good candidate for veneers?

To determine if you are a good candidate for prepless or traditional veneers, our team at Nashville Restorative Dentistry in Franklin, Tennessee can evaluate you and talk to you about your smile goals. If veneers are an appropriate option for you and you are considering using them to create the smile you want, a future appointment can be scheduled with Drs. Ryan M. Jones and Caleb Estes.

How much do veneers cost in Nashville?

Veneers vary in cost depending on the type of veneer you choose and how many teeth are being covered with the veneers. You may find prices ranging between $1,000 – $2,500 per tooth. To get a detailed treatment plan with specific prices, we invite you to visit Nashville Restorative Dentistry for a consultation appointment with Drs. Ryan M. Jones and Caleb Estes.

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Story From Michelle W.

Michelle W.

Patient Testimonial

Issue: Spacing between the front teeth and an uneven tilt to the smile.

Solution: Short term orthodontics to evenly spread out the space between the teeth followed by veneers across the eight front teeth to create a level smile with color consistency and no spaces.

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