White Fillings

Do you feel confident when you smile? If an attractive, natural-looking and healthy smile is important to you, then you should consider the benefits and advantages of tooth-colored fillings.

We also offer dental implants when fillings won’t solve the problem.

Little more than a decade ago, we had no proven tooth-colored dental material that could fill a hole left behind by tooth decay and withstand the chewing forces of the teeth. For many years amalgam fillings were used by dentists for repairing teeth. An amalgam is a filling material composed of silver and mercury. There has been growing concern about the health consequences of amalgam and a fear of mercury toxicity. Amalgam filling drawbacks are that they are dark and unattractive; they stain the natural tooth and gum; they expand, and over a period of years, can cause natural teeth to crack; and they contain mercury, which could be toxic. (more) That’s why we offer holistic options to dental procedures.

Today that has changed. White fillings, also called a composite resin filling, have improved because of superior high-tech dental materials and dental techniques. White filling benefits are that they look like a tooth, they help to strengthen the tooth, they do not stain teeth or gums, they seal the tooth, and they do not expand or cause the tooth to fracture. Our filling of choice is the tooth-colored restoration.

Worried about how these procedures will feel? Well worry no more! We offer many different sedation, or “sleep”, dentistry options. Never be afraid of dental procedures again!

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