White Fillings in Nashville

Natural-looking composite resin fillings are superior to outdated silver amalgam fillings in every way.

  • A more biocompatible and conservative treatment choice for repairing cavities
  • BPA and mercury-free
  • Blends in with your natural enamel

Why is tooth decay a problem? Click here to find out.

Mercury amalgam (metal fillings) should be a thing of the past. This outdated material contains mercury, the most potent neurotoxin known to man.

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At Nashville Restorative Dentistry, we only use tooth-colored white fillings. These composite resins are made from metal-free modern materials and are placed with the most current techniques. We’ve intentionally chosen to use composite resins which are BPA-free, so you have even less concern about what’s going into your mouth.

White fillings look like your natural teeth, but that’s not where the benefits end. They also create significantly less fracturing of teeth compared to amalgam fillings, they don’t create dark staining of teeth or gums, and they provide a superior bond and seal to the tooth compared to old amalgam fillings.

In Franklin, Tennessee, Nashville Restorative Dentistry rebuilds teeth to “mimic” the characteristics and properties of the natural tooth structure. We use the highest quality, natural-looking dental materials. Our white fillings, for instance, are made from tooth-colored BPA-free composite resin and are placed with the most current techniques. We intentionally chose to use composite resins, so you have even less concern about what’s going into your mouth.

These materials are:

  • Attractive, blend in with the smile
  • Non-toxic
  • Biocompatible (“tissue-friendly”)
  • Conservative (allow the preservation of maximum tooth structure)
  • BPA-free (formulated without Bisphenol A)
  • Mercury-free and metal-free
  • Durable 
  • Non-corrosive 

Mercury-free white fillings are safe and look natural

Also, white fillings “wear well.” Unlike silver-colored fillings, they do not develop an unsightly dark line at the gums over time and are also less vulnerable to fractures. Further, they provide a superior bond and seal to the tooth.


As a holistic and mercury-free practice, you will not find any silver-colored amalgam metal fillings at our office. The combination of metals within amalgam fillings is primarily made up of mercury. Mercury is a known neurotoxin associated with a range of adverse health effects and systemic illnesses.


Additionally, Nashville Restorative Dentistry is a proud “mercury-safe” provider. We have invested in training and many safeguards to minimize the risks of mercury exposure during the amalgam filling removal process. Mercury is generally released at much higher levels as fillings are removed if done without care and preventative steps and systems in place. To read more about our safe mercury removal protocols, Click here.

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Reggie R.

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Issue: Two badly infected and broken upper front teeth as well as poor alignment of his teeth overall.

Solution: Through a process involving extractions, bone grafting, and braces we were able to achieve a healthy, infection free point which allowed dental implants to be placed and utilized to replace the two missing front teeth.

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