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Issue – Advanced periodontal disease had caused infections and bone loss which left the natural teeth unrestorable.

Solution – All the natural teeth were removed to allow healing from the infections present.  A set of upper and lower dentures were made to restore form, function, and esthetics while preparations are made for future implants.

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Kristi J.


Issue: Severe decay left the majority of her remaining teeth non-restorable.

Solution: The most economical route to taking care of the painful, decayed teeth was to remove them and fabricate upper and lower dentures.  Custom dentures were fabricated to restore proper function and the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.

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Cheryl B.


Issue: Periodontal disease had created improper length appearance of front teeth, decay around existing crowns, mismatched shades between crowns and natural teeth.

Solution: The upper teeth were removed to resolve the infection that was present and an upper denture was created to restore an esthetic, natural smile and comfortable chewing ability.

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Chong M.


Issue: Years of untreated periodontal disease, several painful abscesses, and extreme functional wear and chipping of remaining teeth.

Solution: Removal of remaining natural teeth and immediate placement of upper and lower dentures built to her desires of a beautiful, white, restored smile.

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Issue: The progressive loss of his back teeth had created an inability to chew effectively and enjoy the types of food he wanted to confidently eat.

Solution: Placement of two implants on his lower left and one on his lower right followed by the creation of a Removable Partial Denture (RPD) that securely snaps onto locators attached to the implants.  The secure attachment to the implants prevents any tipping or dislodging of the denture, allows the denture design to be without any visible clasps around remaining teeth, but also allows easy removal and cleaning of the prosthesis.

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Jack W.


Issue: Several missing teeth, gum disease, and multiple infected teeth meant the option of restoring the remaining natural teeth with a good long term prognosis was not possible.

Solution: Complete upper and lower dentures were made and placed the same day the remaining teeth were removed. Natural color and tooth size immediately restored a pleasing smile and recreated the ability to effectively chew.  After several months of healing, two implants were placed in the lower jaw to help further secure the lower denture.

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Issue: Multiple missing teeth and visible cavities in her front teeth had created a situation in which she was unable to easily chew food as well as resistant to smiling.

Solution: She decided that an upper denture with bright white and straight teeth was her desire.  Fillings were placed to restore the decay in the lower front teeth and removable partial dentures were made to replace the missing lower back teeth.

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Issue: Patient had lost her upper back teeth over the years and desired a cost effective way to replace the missing teeth and increase her chewing ability.

Solution: An implant was placed on each side of her upper jaw and an RPD (removable partial denture) was made to attach to the implants.  The implants secure the RPD to the upper arch, preventing the need for visible metal clasps to hold the RPD in place.  This was a more cost effective approach that placing several implants on each side and a more esthetic and secure approach than making a traditional RPD that gains its retention by visible metal clasps around the teeth.

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Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Ryan M. Jones, DDS, FAGD, near me

Dr. Ryan M. Jones

Ryan M. Jones, DDS, FAGD, focuses on delivering excellence in dental care and creating beautiful smiles, fighting disease and inflammation, using biocompatible materials, and educating patients about their scope of treatment options. He is an alumnus of Brentwood High School, the University of Tennessee (Knoxville), and the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry (Memphis). He is a graduate and mentor for the Kois Center in Seattle, a world-class post-graduate facility focusing on comprehensive patient care. He has taken the Pikos Institute (Tampa, FL) curriculum, which is focused on advanced surgical techniques. He’s also earned a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) and is currently expanding his digital dentistry and Exocad knowledge in various courses.

Dr. Jones is also passionate about providing for the underserved and has taken part in many dentistry-related charity and community projects.
Dr. Caleb M. Estes, DMD, FAGD near me

Dr. Caleb M. Estes

Caleb M. Estes, DMD, FAGD, is a dedicated professional with a strong academic background and extensive postdoctoral education. After graduating from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville and earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the SIU School of Dental Medicine, he has constantly pursued advanced training. He has earned a Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry and is a graduate of the prestigious Kois Center. Before joining Nashville Restorative Dentistry, he served in the US Army as a general dentist and a Captain, deploying alongside US and NATO forces to Afghanistan in 2015. He also completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program with the Army during this time.

Dr. Estes’ passion is to provide excellence in clinical dentistry and patient care while using the best restorative and preventative materials available. Accomplished in both surgical and restorative dentistry, he finds great fulfillment in transforming smiles and instilling confidence in his patients.

Experience excellence in dental care today.

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Reggie R.

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Issue: Two badly infected and broken upper front teeth as well as poor alignment of his teeth overall.

Solution: Through a process involving extractions, bone grafting, and braces we were able to achieve a healthy, infection free point which allowed dental implants to be placed and utilized to replace the two missing front teeth.

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