Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Nashville

Transformative restorations of health, function, and beauty
  • Wind back the clock and erase years of loss of tooth structure caused by wear or trauma
  • Replace broken, infected, or missing teeth
  • Create a healthy and comfortable bite and the smile you deserve

This process can be known by several names — Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, or Restoration — and they all refer to the comprehensive correction of the causes of damaging bite problems, tooth wear, joint or muscle pain, and broken or missing teeth.

What is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?
What is full mouth rehabilitation? Dr. Ryan Jones of Nashville Restorative Dentistry answers common questions about what it means to completely transform your smile, both for cosmetic and restorative reasons. A full-mouth rehab is a comprehensive way to give someone an entirely new smile from front to back. Nashville Restorative Dentistry is a leader in offering full mouth rehabilitation and other metal-free dentistry practices and serves the entire Nashville, TN metro area and beyond, including Brentwood, Franklin, and Cool Springs.

A big focus of our practice is on what we call full-mouth rehab. You may have heard of full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth reconstruction, full mouth makeover. They are all more or less talking about the same thing. Taking someone either through trauma, neglect, tooth wear, or breakage over time, and they’ve found a place where they can no longer just have a tooth or two fixed at a time. Or they’re wanting to completely transform the way things look. But we can’t just change the way the smile looks without improving or recreating the way the back teeth function to allow the front teeth to look differently without breaking or being in a compromised situation. A lot of times, over the years, people go to the dentist. They have one problem, they get one tooth worked on. You play that same story over a couple of decades, and you end up in a place where your bite doesn’t line up, you may have muscle or joint problems now, you’ve got different materials in your mouth that look different, or the colors aren’t the same or your teeth start to wear, they’re breaking, or they’re getting shorter, they’re getting thinner, they’re getting crowded. There’s a lot of different reasons someone can find themselves in a position where they would benefit from recreating beauty aesthetic and proper function. So something that we’re very focused on is we don’t just want to treat the symptom of why your muscles hurt or why your jaw is tired. We don’t just want to treat the symptom of changing the way your front teeth look because they are worn or broken, or chipped. We want to fix causes. We want to take an answer to why is this functionally happening. Why do your teeth look like this? How can we stop this from continuing to happen? A lot of times, that means we have to build up height in the back teeth to change the way that front teeth look. Or we have to use implants or bridges to replace teeth that are missing. But regardless of what your individual needs are, there is a way to completely recreate the look of a beautiful, perfect smile with a bite that doesn’t have joint or muscle pain anymore. There is a better way to receive dental care than what you have been in the past.

All too often, patients are treated one tooth at a time, simply treating symptoms with patchwork and never provided treatment options and explanations that strive to stop the actual causes of the problems. This can be a complex process with a mix of many procedure types and timelines, but with the training and technology we have available, it can absolutely be a predictable and smooth process. Drs. Jones and Estes of Nashville Restorative Dentistry offer full-mouth rehabilitation services for patients in Nashville, Cool Springs, Franklin, and Brentwood, Tennessee.

We begin by utilizing a temporary bite splint (called a Kois Deprogrammer) to relax your muscles and diagnose any TMJ problems. Once the muscles are relaxed, we will use current tooth positions, digital scans, and photos to develop a mock-up or “blueprint” of what the restored tooth contours and bite would look like. This blueprint is then copied into the mouth with provisional crowns or veneers, which allow us to collectively evaluate bite position, functional comfort, joint stability, and esthetic appearance of the teeth (color, size, shape) and smile. Once we have confirmed everything, master ceramists will design beautiful ceramic veneers and crowns to be placed on the natural teeth when the provisionals are removed. The completed process returns the teeth to an optimal position, size, and shape, along with the desired color and brightness, so you can start smiling confidently again.

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What is full-mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation, sometimes known as a smile makeover or total mouth rejuvenation or reconstruction, includes a variety of restorative procedures in a dental treatment plan to address a wide range of situations. Patients who need to replace or repair the majority or all of their teeth may be good candidates for full mouth rehabilitation.

What procedures are involved in full-mouth rehabilitation?

The treatments chosen for a patient’s unique full-mouth rehabilitation plan will vary greatly depending on their individual needs. No two dental plans are the same! Drs. Ryan Jones and Caleb Estes work directly with Franklin, Tennessee, area patients to help them decide on the treatments that can be integrated into their treatment plan to achieve the results they need and desire. Our team at Nashville Restorative Dentistry creates custom-tailored solutions for individuals after we evaluate their smiles and talk to them about their smile goals. We can:
Replace missing teeth with dental implants
Crown teeth that are worn, cracked, or broken
Brighten the natural tooth enamel with bleaching services
Straighten teeth with orthodontic treatment
Cover imperfections in the teeth with porcelain veneers
Disguise gaps between teeth with dental bonding

How long does full mouth rehabilitation take?

The answer to this question depends on how quickly patients want to achieve their dream smiles. Many procedures can be combined into a single appointment, though patients will spend more time in the dental chair than if they choose to have treatments done one at a time. For full mouth cases, we often focus on one jaw at a time and employ oral conscious sedation as a means to let you relax and not remember much of a long dental appointment.  We talk with you to determine the best timeline based on your budget, goals, needs, and personal choices.

How do I find out more about full-mouth rehabilitation?

If you need to replace missing teeth or repair others, full-mouth rehabilitation might be right for you! Drs. Ryan Jones and Caleb Estes of Franklin, Tennessee, can assist you in determining if you could benefit from services at our office. Call (615) 640-8494 to request an appointment at 5005 Meridian Boulevard, Suite #190, and find out if you are a proper candidate. We serve patients in and around Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, and Cool Springs, TN.

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Dr. Ryan M. Jones, DDS, FAGD, near me

Dr. Ryan M. Jones

Ryan M. Jones, DDS, FAGD, focuses on delivering excellence in dental care and creating beautiful smiles, fighting disease and inflammation, using biocompatible materials, and educating patients about their scope of treatment options. He is an alumnus of Brentwood High School, the University of Tennessee (Knoxville), and the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry (Memphis). He is a graduate and mentor for the Kois Center in Seattle, a world-class post-graduate facility focusing on comprehensive patient care. He has taken the Pikos Institute (Tampa, FL) curriculum, which is focused on advanced surgical techniques. He’s also earned a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) and is currently expanding his digital dentistry and Exocad knowledge in various courses.

Dr. Jones is also passionate about providing for the underserved and has taken part in many dentistry-related charity and community projects.
Dr. Caleb M. Estes, DMD, FAGD near me

Dr. Caleb M. Estes

Caleb M. Estes, DMD, FAGD, is a dedicated professional with a strong academic background and extensive postdoctoral education. After graduating from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville and earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the SIU School of Dental Medicine, he has constantly pursued advanced training. He has earned a Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry and is a graduate of the prestigious Kois Center. Before joining Nashville Restorative Dentistry, he served in the US Army as a general dentist and a Captain, deploying alongside US and NATO forces to Afghanistan in 2015. He also completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program with the Army during this time.

Dr. Estes’ passion is to provide excellence in clinical dentistry and patient care while using the best restorative and preventative materials available. Accomplished in both surgical and restorative dentistry, he finds great fulfillment in transforming smiles and instilling confidence in his patients.

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Story From Virginia H.

Virginia H.

Patient Testimonial

Issue: Severely compromised remaining natural teeth with multiple areas of decay, failing previous dental work, missing teeth, unaesthetically restored lower front implants, and extremely worn and chipped upper front teeth.

Solution: Through a detailed plan of bone grafting, implant placement, and new crowns on the remaining natural teeth – a dramatic restoration of function and cosmetic appearance was possible.

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