Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Nashville, TN

Transformative restorations of health, function, and beauty

  • Wind back the clock and erase years of tooth structure loss created by wear or trauma
  • Replace broken, infected, or missing teeth
  • Create a healthy and comfortable bite position and the smile you deserve
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This process can be known by several names — Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, or Restoration — and they all refer to the comprehensive correction of the causes of damaging bite problems, tooth wear, joint or muscle pain, and broken or missing teeth.

All too often patients are simply treated one tooth at a time and never provided treatment options and explanations that strive to stop the actual causes of problems rather than simply treating symptoms with patchwork. This can be a complex process with a mix of many procedure types and timelines, but with the training and technology we have available, it can absolutely be a predictable and smooth process.

We begin by utilizing a temporary bite splint (called a Kois Deprogrammer) to relax your muscles and diagnose any TMJ problems. Once the muscles have relaxed we will use current tooth positions, digital scans, and photos to develop a mockup or “blueprint” of what the restored tooth contours and bite can be. This blueprint is then copied into the mouth with provisional crowns and/or veneers, which provide the opportunity for us to collectively evaluate bite position, functional comfort, joint stability, and esthetic appearance of the teeth (color, size, shape) and smile. Once we have confirmed everything, master ceramists will design beautiful ceramic veneers and crowns that are placed onto the natural teeth when the provisionals are removed. The completed process returns the teeth back to an optimal position, size, and shape along with the desired color and brightness so you can start smiling confidently again.

What is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

What is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Experience excellence in dental care today.

Stop worrying about your mouth, and don’t let unpleasant dental experiences from the past prevent you from living the life you want.

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Story From Virginia H.

Virginia H.

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Issue: Severely compromised remaining natural teeth with multiple areas of decay, failing previous dental work, missing teeth, unaesthetically restored lower front implants, and extremely worn and chipped upper front teeth.

Solution: Through a detailed plan of bone grafting, implant placement, and new crowns on the remaining natural teeth – a dramatic restoration of function and cosmetic appearance was possible.

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