Meet the Team, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Michelle Pixley

Office Manager

Michelle is happy to have joined the vibrant and welcoming family at Nashville Restorative Dentistry as Office Manager. She has 10 years in dentistry and over 25 years in management. She is passionate about making sure our patients enjoy a feeling of ease and confidence in our office. She has been with NRD since 2020 and absolutely loves the fact that this team feels like family. Michelle lives in Spring Hill with her husband and has a daughter and 6 step-daughters. In her downtime you will find her making jewelry, singing on Smule and hanging with her family.

Hayley Preston, Treatment Coordinator, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Hayley Preston

Treatment Coordinator

Hayley joined NRD in 2020 and brings a valuable perspective to our team as treatment coordinator. She takes pride in educating our patients about their treatment options so they can make the most informed decisions possible. Hayley loves working directly with patients discussing recommended treatment and reviewing financial options. She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee University and has lived in the middle Tennessee area her entire life. Hayley lives in Thompson’s Station. She has two sons, a daughter and a puppy dog.

Cami Carter, Hygiene Coordinator, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Cami Carter

Hygiene Coordinator

Cami Carter joined Nashville Restorative Dentistry in 2012 and is committed to helping patients improve their health through dental care and putting patient care first. She enjoys building relationships between patients and the team at NRD, noting she considers it a privilege to work with a team she loves every day. Cami is confident in the quality of dental care NRD patients receive, from cleanings to more in-depth treatments, she says. She lives in College Grove with her husband, Scott, two labradoodles and a few farm animals.

Kathleen Summerlin, Insurance Coordinator, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Kathleen Summerlin

Insurance Coordinator

Kathleen moved to Tennessee five years ago to be near her sister and her family. She loves Jesus, spending time with her son Joshua (when he’s not traveling the country for work), and her friends and family. She loves people, different cuisines, the outdoors and traveling.

She’s worked in dentistry, in administration for almost 20 years and cherishes the relationships she’s made with patients and coworkers along the way. Her time working at NRD has been a wonderful experience making new friends both coworkers and patients. She has enjoyed watching patients’ lives be transformed as we partner with each one to better their oral health.

Megan Beyer

Megan Beyer

RDH | Dental Hygienist

I joined Nashville Restorative Dentistry in 2023. I am committed to providing my patients with a relaxed, stress free environment. My favorite part of my job is providing high quality care with team members who take a holistic whole body approach to dentistry. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and being outdoors with my husband and two dogs.

Cassie Sanders, RDH, Dental Hygienist, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Cassie Sanders

RDH | Dental Hygienist

Cassie Sanders joined Nashville Restorative Dentistry in 2008 as a sterile tech and has since expanded her skills to become a full-time hygienist. She is committed to the shared focus of Dr. Jones and Dr. Estes to keep patients’ best interest in mind at all times and provide the best possible quality care. The NRD dedication to a whole-body approach, she says, is what sets the practice apart from other dentist offices, and she feels her patients appreciate that more than anything else. Cassie loves learning and utilizing new techniques and staying current in the dental field to better provide for her patients. She lives in Spring Hill with her husband, Kyle, their two daughters and their two dogs

Airin Kemp, RDH, Dental Hygienist, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Airin Kemp

RDH | Dental Hygienist

I joined Nashville Restorative Dentistry in 2021. My favorite part of my job is working with top-notch team members that bring all of their knowledge, passion and talents to the patients. In my off time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and am an avid home chef.

Tonya Davis, RDA, EFDA, Dental Assistant, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Tonya Davis

RDA, EFDA | Dental Assistant

Tonya Davis joined NRD in 1995 and serves as a dental assistant, specifically an expanded functions assistant. She’s passionate about providing the utmost quality of care for her patients, making sure they are always comfortable and fully understand their treatment plan. Tonya says her teammates are like her extended family, and she loves working at a practice with such high standards for patient care and continuing education. She enjoys being a part of a team that keeps up with the latest advances to provide patients with the best and most effective treatment. Tonya enjoys spending time with her husband, Chad, and their blended family of five children, as well as watching UT basketball and gardening.

Danielle Vernier, RDA, EFDA, Dental Assistant, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Danielle Vernier

RDA, EFDA | Dental Assistant

Danielle Vernier is a dental assistant at Nashville Restorative Dentistry and says she loves being a part of an “amazing office with a friendly staff…constantly learning and growing together.” She is also proud of NRD’s dedication to keeping up-to-date on new techniques and the latest approaches in dentistry. In her spare time, Danielle loves going to concerts, traveling and sports — especially hockey.

Eric Jackson, RDA, Dental Assistant, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Eric Jackson

RDA | Dental Assistant

Eric Jackson joined Nashville Restorative Dentistry in 2012 and says working for NRD is an honor. He particularly admires the doctors’ professionalism and emphasis on providing the best possible care to all patients, ensuring every team member’s skills are up-to-date with continuing education and the latest technology in dental treatment. Eric lives in Spring Hill with his wife, Johnell and their three daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family as well as DJ-ing events with his brother and watching football and basketball.

Mason Gardner, Sterile Tech, Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Mason Gardner

Sterile Tech

I joined NRD in 2021 and have loved working here. This is my first job working in dentistry and I don’t think I’ll ever leave dentistry. Outside of work I enjoy video games and skateboarding.

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