Jul 12
If you are bothered by crooked teeth, crowding, or gaps, no doubt you've probably sought dental options for treatment. Although traditional braces offer solutions, they come with numerous inconveniences. Then…
Mar 07
At Nashville Restorative Dentistry in Franklin, Tennessee, we understand the importance of having straight teeth and a beautiful smile. That's why we offer Invisalign and SureSmile clear aligners as a…
May 22
Do you want to straighten your teeth but are not open to traditional braces? If you're hesitant about traditional braces, Invisalign may be your solution. Nashville Restorative Dentistry, Franklin, Tennessee, offers Invisalign —…
Nov 12
When most of us think of straightening teeth, we think of braces— the multicolored brackets, wires and rubber bands found in the mouths of many teenagers. For some of us,…
Sep 10
We don’t have to tell you that a lot can happen in six months. Seasons change, children grow, and relationships develop. But did you know that in six months, you…
Dec 17
We all love having a beautiful smile. No matter your age, being able to smile with confidence is very important. When you know that your teeth are crooked, out of…
Oct 08
You’ve probably seen the ads on TV for Invisalign®. Often, when we see patients who are interested in braces for their teeth, one of their main concerns is whether Invisalign…

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Story From Michelle W.

Michelle W.

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Issue: Spacing between the front teeth and an uneven tilt to the smile.

Solution: Short term orthodontics to evenly spread out the space between the teeth followed by veneers across the eight front teeth to create a level smile with color consistency and no spaces.

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